Q - How long can I rent a dumpster?

A - We offer up to 10 days for residential customers. For contractors, please contact us for more information.

Q - How are prices determined for rentals?

A - Prices are determined by the size of the container you need. Plus any delivery or pickup fees.

Q - Are there additional fees associated with dumpster rentals?

A - Yes, for extension of rental times.

Q - How much can I fill the dumpster?

A - You can fill a dumpster level full meaning, you can fill it to the top with no waste above the sides of the container. For construction materials, it will depend on the weight of the material.

Q - What can I put in the dumpster? / Are there any waste restrictions?

A - No paint or asbestos is allowed. There are additional fees for disposal of tires and appliances.

For more information about waste restrictions click the following links :